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Product Design


"MeltingSpot is a unique community platform - with a social twist. Built-in video studio, discussion channels, content libraries, member directory, smart groups..."

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A facilities and building restoration services co.

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IUCN Save Our Species

Project with
Landor and Fitch

Brand Refresh


"Nature is a system in which every species coexists. When one becomes endangered the whole system is at risk. [...] It’s a story of chain reactions: the domino effect."

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Ila Bank

Project with



Digital bank powered by Bank ABC.

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Melting Pot

MDes end-of-studies project

May 2021

A mobile application that promotes intercultural encounters and exchanges around the topic of international cuisine. It is targeting students in academic housings.

#Dorms     #International_Studients     #UX_UI     #Social_Media     #Geolocation    

Project selected to be renovated.

Project in partnership with la Caisse d’Epargne Bretagne Pays-de-Loire and la fondation de La Sauvegarde de l'Art Français for « Le Plus Grand Musée de France ».

#Scenography     #Art_Renovation     #UX_UI    


BDes end-of-studies project

June 2019

Featured in L'École de design Nantes Atlantique's Design Portfolio - 2019

Have you ever dreamt of entering a painting?
Immers. is a unique generator of experiences that allows museum visitors to touch, listen, and "read" a work of art through sensory substitution.

#Visual_Impairment     #Arduino     #Processing     #3D_Print     #Sound_Design    

Miscellaneous IxD Projects

Miscellaneous Branding Work

Paul Varillon

Solarium Paris
Un plaisir de travailler avec Alia, elle se rend très facilement disponible et est très efficace dans les tâches qui lui sont allouées. Réactive, professionnelle, organisée et rigoureuse !
A pleasure to work with Alia, she makes herself very easily available and is very efficient in the tasks she is assigned. Reactive, professional, organized and rigorous!

Simon Sz.z

Landor and Fitch
Alia has a strong understanding of branding which allows her to develop consistent & relevant design across digital & physical touchpoints. On top of this, she's also a reactive, flexible and highly reliable person, who's always in a cheerful mood.

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