BDes end-of-studies project

June 2019

Have you ever dreamt of entering a painting?
Immers. responds to this desire, taking into consideration the access of visually impaired people to the art.
The project allows art lovers and museum visitors to have an unique and new experience through an immersion in a painting or a masterpiece. Using sensory substitution, visitors can listen, and "read" a work of art.

Project featured in L'École de design Nantes Atlantique's Design Portfolio - 2019

Each element of the painting is modeled and printed in 3D.
As an example, I worked on the painting Guernica of Picasso studied, modeled and printed in 3D. Each element of this painting generates a sound that represents it. This sound loops with a general soundtrack that represents the environment and the universe of the painting in background. By bringing the hand closer to this object, the sound increases. The visitor will be able to touch each character of the painting and imagine it - imagine its position, its meaning and its role in the painting.

For the development of this project, I used Arduino, Processing and conductive paint.

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