The Merovingian Sarcophagus of Vertou

Renovation & promotion of a heritage site

Clémence Russeil Lucile Roux Nathan Le Borgne Louna Laplace Claverie

Project in partnership with la Caisse d’Epargne Bretagne Pays-de-Loire and la fondation de La Sauvegarde de l'Art Français for « Le Plus Grand Musée de France ».

June 2020

How to make a work of art accessible in a place of worship - the cemetery
Creation of a global concept in the city of Vertou, France, and its cemetery to discover the Merovingian funeral rites.

The chapel is made of a tubular structure in thermolacquered aluminum. This structure is made up of several components that have been welded together and are assembled by a system of sleeves with screws. The base comes, as for it, to maintain the unit and make it solid.

The printed tempered glass information panel is clamped by a system of skids at the base, in the cast concrete block in which it is inserted.

By scanning the bar codes on the panels, an access to a platform will allow to discover the Merovingian funeral rites in detail, and compare them to those of other civilizations.

The figures are made of thermo-lacquered aluminium tubes, shaped by bending and welded. They are then directly integrated into the molded concrete blocks.

Project selected to be renovated.
Featured in Fondation de la Sauvegarde de l'Art Français and Ouest France

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